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Featured Business of the Month – Farmers Mutual Telephone Company

FMTC is a thriving rural telecommunications system offering a full line of communication services including local telephone services, as well as, affiliated company offerings for Internet, DSL, and long distance.

FMTC invested in and is currently affiliated with the following businesses:

* Com Net (1994) – provides SS7 network, caller name identification, and billing services.

* bright net North (1995) – provides internet services.

* Bright Long Distance LLC (BLD – 1997) – offers long distance.

* Bright CLEC (BCL – 2001) – offers discounted carrier services.

* Broadband Network Group LLC (BNG – 2003) – governs the Fiber Ring.

* Verisign Inc. (1988) – provides database look-up services and offers casual call agreements.

The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC) was organized June 27, 1904 and incorporated in 1906. A group of 28 farmers and merchants realized the need for a telephone system for rural Okolona. The purpose of creating this company was “to put up equipment, maintain, and operate a system of telephone lines with central exchange for the benefit of its members.”

With this thought in mind, they purchased a one hundred drop switchboard fully wired with 15 drops installed. Poles were placed, wire was strung, phones were installed and an operator was hired. A membership fee of $1.00 per month was assessed and was used to pay for the equipment required to activate this communications system.

With a common goal and the concentrated efforts of the members, The Farmers Mutual Telephone Company was created.

FMTC’s future looks very promising. With the groundwork that has been laid over the last 100 years, how can they fail? They’ve overcome every hurdle, scaled every mountain, and endured every valley, imaginable. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t – they’ve continued to grow and prosper! With their eyes focused on providing their members the best service and latest technology, all at a competitive price, they see FMTC moving forward, gaining more subscribers, and continuing to invest in their inside and outside plant.

FMTC is located on County Road 17D directly in Okolona. You can contact them by phone at 419.758.3322 or find them on the web at:


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